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"Confusion is the space between two choices."


Do you Choose Freely?

A life full of the “same old?” or
A life full of new, exciting and expansive experiences?

You cannot swim if you do not get in the water. At first you must get past your fear. All of life is like that. To experience anything new, you must first set aside a fear. Once you do it, the fear dissipates. Life expands for you.

You no longer fear what you’ve already done. It becomes something you can be proud of and use. Like taking your first steps, riding a bicycle the first time, taking that first flight in an airplane. Each opens new horizons and possibilities. Your existence becomes more complete. You chose to set aside a fear and “go for it”.

Give power to fear and you will never walk, learn to swim, ride a bike or love. Life will be constrained by your fears. You will always do what you always did, And you will always get what you always got.

Choose Freely is about breaking that mold.

Choosing something new will expand your existence.
Choosing Freely goes even further – beyond what you fear now.
Choosing Freely can transform your life.

Do you want more out of your life?

“Existence is but an extension of yourself”
The Wonders, First Defining Statement of Existence

From all of us at, have fun, explore, question everything and most of all, don't forget to choose. :)


2010 Réné Gaudette, All Rights Reserved.